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TRETORN PRO COURT TENNIS BALLS - SIX DOZEN - EIGHTEEN 4 BALL TUBES - ITF APPROVED - YELLOW - RRP £216 The Tretorn Pro Court premium tennis ball is a high grade performance ball suitable for tournament grade play for all surfacesThe ball has a highly flexible natural rubber core for maximum durability and strengthThis premium ball is constructed from an engineered durable rubber compound core modified at molecular level. This allows it to retain bounce and playability with consistent feel and performance for much longer than other balls on the marketTretorn are known for making durable tennis balls and as a result, the Tretorn premium Pro Court ball is no different. The ball will deliver great longevity on all types of court surfacesThe felt covering is extra strong and made with 45% wool for a better feel and greater comfort during the gamePremium woven ultra high vis cloth is used for extra durable balls that are also easier to see for both players and spectatorsThe Tretorn Pro Court ball’s high vis cloth is much brighter than most other tennis balls on the market todayThe Pro Court tennis ball uses a premium dura weave felt that plays great in wet conditions. But above all does not 'FUZZ' up on any surface as much as other pressurised performance tennis balls Tretorn Pro Court tennis balls are ITF approved pressurised balls The balls are suitable for multi surface playability. They are also a brilliant ball to choose across all seasons for tournament, match, club play and coaching Tretorn Pro Court balls have great durability and suitable for all weather conditions, especially in colder, wetter environments Tretorn Pro Court’s moisture resistant felt enhances durability and playability throughout winter months. This makes them ideal for the UK’s climate The multi surface playability and great durability in all weather conditions, especially in colder, wetter environments makes it an ideal choice for the UKIf you are looking for a durable long lasting winter tennis ball then the Pro Court is your perfect choiceThe Pro Core has been engineered to deliver the consistent performance characteristics demanded by the world’s most prestigious tournamentsThe premium woven cloth is specially designed for championship play, using the finest wool to achieve a tighter weave giving increased durability and responsivenessOne of the nation's favourite tennis balls now come with technology which repels 70% more water than standard tennis ballsThis premium grade great value ball will benefit any local club or player through to LTA and ITF approved tournaments. There has been no compromise in quality or manufacture and is available at an amazing price We are proud to promote and offer the Tretorn Pro Court tennis ball. It is our best selling value pressurised tennis ball we currently sellApproved by the ITF and WTFColours available - Yellow onlyBall tubes available - 3 and 4 ball tubesTRETORN HISTORY & MARKET POSITIONTretorn was founded in Helsingborg Sweden in 1891, and has come a long way since thenToday you can find the brand in shops all over the world and they remain committed to their living heritage. For Tretorn, this means proven expertise in creating tennis balls that can withstand Scandinavian, British and varied weather conditions world wideFor the last 75 years the company has manufactured tennis balls and become one of the major tennis ball suppliers on the world stageTretorn are proud of their history and legacy. From the rough weather that got them started in 1891 to the continued improvement and innovation that keeps them going today, they continue celebrating their living heritage. Here’s to the first 128 Tretorn years and evolving for many more years to comeTRETORN 1946 - DANDELION TENNIS BALL - October 15th 1946 Tretorn produced their first tennis balls made of dandelion rubber. This first and special ball was an experiment and became an innovation that would form the evolvement for the next 75 yearsTRETORN 1955 - INVENTING THE PERMANENT PRESSURISED TENNIS BALL - 1955 was time for Tretorn’s next big innovation. This was the year they invented and submitted the patent for the permanent pressurised ball or pressure less ball. The same tennis ball technology is used all over the world todayPressures less balls are designed differently from other regular tennis balls in the sense that pressure less balls have bounce built into the rubber core and cannot lose pressure or bounce over timeThe only time the Tretorn ball needs replacing is when their cover becomes worn. This on average occurs within 1 to 2 years. Today Tretorn still produce the most advanced and playable pressure less balls in the worldTRETORN 1960 - LOW COMPRESSION BALLS - 1960 Tretorn invented low compression balls, a range of softer balls which fly slower to enable effective and easier development of tennis skillsTRETORN 1983 - THE PRESSURELESS XL TENNIS BALL - Tretorn launched the new unique pressure less XL Tennis ball. The first pressure less tennis ball with a performance that could be equalled with pressurised balls. The ball rapidly became a big success and in the coming years it became one of the most popular tennis ball not just In Sweden but other countries worldwide TRETORN 1985 - BJÖRN BORG JOINS TRETORN - Björn Borg had been working with Tretorn for many years but in 1985 he officially joins the Tretorn Advisory team. He joins Tretorn as a tennis legend and expert to help out with product innovation, marketing and brand development. He plays an active part in the Tretorn team, giving advice to improve existing products and ideas for new products. His analyses of product development are just as highly quality conscious as his tennis gameTRETORN 1998 - MICRO X - Tretorn's micro cellular technology ball launches this year and is patented worldwide and recognised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as the pioneer in a new category of tennis balls called 'micro cell'. Tretorn's micro cell tennis ball, the Micro X, is neither pressurised nor pressure less. The Micro X ball combines the best of both worlds, resulting in a tour performance ball that does not lose bounce or performance over timeTRETORN - 2002 PRESSURISED TENNIS BALLS - Tretorn launches pressurised tennis balls and become official sponsors at the WTA (Women Professional Tennis Association)TRETORN 2012 - OFFICIAL BALL PARTNERSHIPS - Tretorn sign official ball partnerships with selected tournaments on the WTA and ATP World Tennis Tour, this includes Hamburg, Stockholm, Umag, Zabreb, Båstad and today many more tournaments all over the worldTretorn has been at the heart of tennis ball history for over 75 years, few other companies have been as influential and intimately involved in shaping the tennis ballThe Tretorn ball brand is a market leader in tennis ball technology and as one of the world's leading brands, has distributors in all corners of the globeTretorn balls are sold in over 80 countries around the world now. Cramp Sports are very pleased to offer their product in our selected portfolio of top tennis ball brandsThe durable and unique tennis balls from Tretorn have helped to revolutionise professional and club tennis play and coaching for many yearsTretorn is one of the world's leading manufacturers of performance tennis balls. The world’s best tournaments and players trust Tretorn for their choice of tennis ballAs one of the leading tennis ball brands on the market, Tretorn balls deliver a perfect game no matter whether you're an amateur tennis player hitting for fun or an international tournament organiser looking for the perfect ball Tretorn balls are manufactured from a wide range of strong and durable materials which means they can deliver a durable and reliable performanceBrowse our range of Tretorn tennis balls, suitable for players of all standards. Be it for tournament, match or club senior or junior play.......... Tretorn has the perfect ball for youThe durability and optimum playability with Tretorn tennis balls makes them a dependable choice for top senior tournament play through to junior playTretorn has built its reputation by offering quality tennis balls at the forefront of technology. It has been supplying tennis balls for decades to tennis tournaments, clubs and players around the world

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